Leanna Gisselbeck - DAYcare Supervisor

 A lover of animals Leanna grew up with an assortment of animals in her home and was always there to help care for the neighbourhood pets when their families went away on holidays.  Knowing that her life was destined to work with animals Leanna spent time working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre provided feeding, enclosure cleaning and enrichment for black bears, baby and adult raccoons, beavers, skunks and squirrels.  She has volunteered at the SPCA working mostly with puppies and dogs, kittens and cats and small animals (btw, rats were her favourite).

Having worked with, and loved, so many different animals Leanna decided it was time to add one to her own family.  Her “special guy” came to her in the form of Jasper, an adorable Mini Aussie / Sheltie mix puppy.  When Jasper was a year old they began attending DOGSmart beginner classes and soon were doing regular agility classes.  

Some of the things Leanna loves about her job are: the dogs are ALWAYS happy to see her.  She learns something new everyday.  She is constantly inspired by the dedication, talent and compassion of the DOGSmart trainers and staff.  And above all, she is amazed by the power of positive reinforcement and that with time, patience, consistency and positive training techniques almost anything is possible.  


Leanna & Jasper at DOGSmart Agility Fun Match