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Puppy Agility - October 5 at 3:30 with Mary Federici

by Alice Fisher CPDT-KA, posted on September 12, 2019

Are you and your puppy finished puppy class and are now wondering what to do while waiting to continue advanced training?  Why not give Puppy Agility a try?

In this class we teach basic behaviours that build confidence and translate to many situations in life and especially to the game of dog agility.  You will teach your puppy tricks that will apply to more advanced agility fun while building on stays, go to your mat and free heeling (follow me!)

Basic equipment will be introduced including low jumps, tunnels, cones, wobble boards and planks.

You will need to bring lots of yummy soft treats to reward your puppy and you may also bring a tug or favorite toy to play with as well as a mat and chewy for relaxing between working turns.

Prerequisite: Your dog must have successfully completed “Puppy SmartStart” or "Beginner Life Skills" in order to register and attend this course.

Register here >> Puppy Agility October 5th at 3:30.  Instructor Mary Federici