Mary Federici

Agility Trainer

Mary has been involved with dog sports since 2002 when a friend introduced her to flyball for her then ball crazy Rhodesian Ridgeback cross named Seager.  It wasn't long before Mary soon discovered how much fun agility was and she started training and competing with her next dog Ryder ... a crazy hyper Australian Shepherd.  Ryder was a high drive puppy with boundless energy and had difficulty focusing on learning after being rescued from a former owner who kept Ryder contained in a bathroom for up to 10 hours a day. Mary knew she had to focus Ryder's energy into something positive so she enrolled Ryder in DOGSmart Training puppy, beginner and agility programs.  With a lot of patience, the use of positive reinforcement training methods and many training classes at DOGSmart, Mary and Ryder are now able to communicate famously with each other - so much that, to Mary's amusement, Ryder is often used as a demonstration dog in many DOGSmart Training classes ...

Mary now has 3 Australian Shepherds - Ryder, Avis and Kane. Ryder and Avis are seasoned agility competitors while Kane has just started his agility career.

Mary is a qualified CKC Agility Judge

Mary and Ryder have achieved many titles in agility including:

  • Compete at the Masters Level in Agility.
  • Achieved the Versatility Bronze Award of Merit.
  • Achieved Expert Gamblers, Snooker & Jumpers Gold titles.
  • Have recently started competing in Rally-0.

Mary and Avis have achieved 40 out of 41 titles available in the Agility Association of Canada (AAC) and Avis is in the AAC Agility Hall of fame. She is currently the 7th top Qualifying dog in the history of the AAC having earned 1027 Qualifying runs. Some of Avis’s titles are:

  • Mary & Avis achieved the #2 spot in the AAC for 2012 for the highest number of Qualifying runs that year at the Masters Level of competition.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Versatility Lifetime Award – the 20th dog in Canada to achieve this title.
  • Placed 5th in 2011 & 2012, 2014, 2015 BC & Yukon Agility Association of Canada Regionals.
  • Placed 9th in the 2012 & 2015 National Agility Association of Canada.

Mary and Kane have achieved:

  • Agility Trial Champion – ATCh
  • Versatility Bronze
  • Bronze Award of Merit
  • Expert Bronze Gamblers, Team, Snooker & Gamblers titles
  • Rally-O Novice