Smart DAYcare at DOGSmart Training

New registrations have started for our DAYcare and we have 5 open spaces for new and wonderful dogs to join our DOGSmart DAYcare. We are only accepting dogs 40 pounds and under.

Before your dog can attend Smart DayCare you must Create a Client Profile  then you can sign up and add your dog's information

DOGSmart Training has created a unique Smart DAYcare where your dog can spend time in a safe, secure and supportive environment. We incorporate various activities into each visit.  Special attention is given to age, size, energy level, play style and important rest times.  Our knowledgeable staff provides continual supervision for your dog’s safety and your piece of mind.

Please Note: Female dogs in heat season (estrus) are not permitted to attend daycare during the period that the female is in heat.

For details and questions please email us at: 

DAYcare Rates & Pre Paid Packages 

Extended Care
*Puppies OR Special Needs Dogs
Assessment - Up to 2 hrs 



Half Day (up to 5 hrs)  $30.00 $40.00
Full Day  $40.00 $50.00
Half Day (up to 5 hrs) - 10 Visits   $290.00 $390.00
Full Day - 10 Visits  $380.00 $490.00

 DAYcare Day Rates and Packages Do Not Include GST


Size, age, play style and energy level play groups, rest times & regular potty breaks. Dogs must be able to settle and have down time.

Extended Care - Suitable for young puppies (14 weeks or older) OR Special Needs

Puppies will learn, bite inhibition, how to settle, impulse control - reinforcing all basics we teach in our Puppy SmartStart Training. Further, they will learn the importance of socialization to other dogs while developing proper social skills and good play behaviors in a safe and motivational environment. We also are happy to feed them their midday meal provided by the owner.

*Puppies will need potty training before attending.  

*Special Needs (Subject to approval and determined by senior daycare staff)

Shy/Fearful, Zero/Low Impulse Control, Under Socialized, Seniors with Special Care Needs, Inability to settle or be communal, Needs extra space during down time and customized playmates.

DAYcare Requirements

A preliminary assessment of up to 2 hours is required to determine your dog's suitability for our DAYcare program.

Dogs must be able to settle in a crate or pen while at daycare.

Dogs must be able to be away from their human partner without having separation anxiety.

Space is limited, and applications are taken on a first-come first served basis and does not guarantee acceptance into our DAYcare programs.


• All dogs must be 14 weeks of age or older.


• Dogs 40 pounds and under


• Any dog that has been spayed or neutered requires a rest period as determined by your veterinarian

• No dogs in heat.

• No intact males over 8 months.


• All dogs must be able to provide documentation of up-to-date vaccinations or current titers testing.


• On acceptance of waiver, owners certify that their dog(s) are in good health.  On admission to daycare, all dogs must be free from any communicable condition, which could potentially jeopardize the health and wellness of other dogs or people

• Pets that have been ill with a communicable condition, i.e. kennel cough, puppy warts etc... in the last 30 days require a veterinarian certification of health to be admitted or re-admitted.

• DOGSmart does not assume any responsibility of illness or injury that may occur at daycare.  Safety, health and wellness are a priority, but if illness or injury should occur while at daycare the owner will be notified, and appropriate actions will be taken at the owner's cost. (see waiver)


• Aggressive dog behaviour will not be permitted at daycare.  If aggression is exhibited, the dog will be removed, and the owner will be contacted for immediate pick up.  This included human, dog-dog, toy and food aggression.

If your dog is exhibiting reactive or very fearful behaviour we offer a highly specialized dog training program.  All of our reactive and fearful training programs use force free / positive reinforcement methods. Please contact us so you can get started 604 267-9500.


• All fees are non-refundable / non-transferable

• All dogs MUST arrive before 11:00 am

• All dogs MUST be picked up by 5:45 pm. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 late fee.  

• Cancellations: ALL cancellations must be done by email 24 hours prior to reservation. Failure to do so will result in a charge for your day rate.  

DAYcare Hours

Monday - Friday | 7:00 am - 5:45 pm

Note: All dogs MUST arrive before 11:00 am