Tracey Harrison


Tracey teaches Puppy SmartStart, Beginner and Petite Pals Beginner Classes

Tracey is dedicated to enhancing the relationship between people and their companion dogs through the use of non-abusive, humane training methods. Her desire to learn more about dogs began in 1985, when she volunteered at the Vancouver SPCA working closely with shelter dogs and veterinary staff.

Tracey shares her life with her husband, their new baby girl and Bella, a Shepard Cross.

Educational Background

  • Dr. Jean Dodds - Victoria, BC., 2009
    • Canine Thyroid Disease
    • Vaccination
    • Nutrition and Health
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar - DOGSmart Training - Vancouver, BC, 2008
    • Dog Aggression: Biting and Fighting
    • Training Adult Dogs
    • Puppy Classes & Games
  • Dr. Patricia McConnell - DOGSmart Training - Vancouver, BC, 2007
    • For the Love of A Dog: The Biology of Emotion in People and Dogs
    • Dog-Dog Aggression: Treating Aggression Between Unfamiliar Dogs
  • Pat Miller, 2006
    • Body Talk & Clicker
  • Dr. Roger Abrantes - Vancouver, BC, 2005
    • The Evolution of Canine Social Behaviour: Dog Language
    • The Brave New World of Dog Trainin: Canine Behaviour Problems
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar  - Vancouver, BC,  2005
    • Instructors Workshop
  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference (APDT), Denver, Colorado - 2004
  • DOGSmart Trainer Apprenticeship Program, 2003/2004
  • St. John Ambulance Pet First Aid, 2003