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Puppy Classes- For puppies 20 weeks or less at the start of this class 

DOGSmart’s puppy classes are designed to help you and your puppy get more out of life together. Classes introduce the foundations of basic obedience such as sit, come, down and learning to walk on a leash. Going beyond the basic commands, classes teach you how to read your puppy’s body language for more effective results in training. Instructors will provide information on effective house training and proper handling techniques. DOGSmart’s puppy classes are a great way to learn all about taking care of and enjoying life with the newest member of your family.

Puppy Smartstart

This lively and energetic program is great for both puppies and owners. In this program your puppy will learn the importance of socialization to other dogs, people, and objects while developing proper social skills and good play behaviours in a safe and motivational environment. Course content includes an introduction to basic commands. Behaviours such as house training, bite inhibition, jumping up, as well as other topics such as grooming, health and nutrition are discussed.

Please Note: Female dogs in heat season (estrus) are not permitted to attend classes during the period that the female is in heat.

Upcoming Classes

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