Reactive Dog

Having a reactive dog does not mean that you have to hide or keep your dog secluded for the rest of its’ life. In fact, it is important to know that you and your dog are not alone. Many people are worried about how their dog behaves. DOGSmart Training offers classes to help people understand the problematic behaviour of their dog, why it might be happening, and what to do to reduce or eliminate the behaviour. As each dog’s situation is different, please call us to determine your dog’s needs and appropriate next steps.

Female dogs in heat season (estrus) are not permitted to attend classes during the period that the female is in heat.

Private Consultations

Due to the specialized nature of this training an assessment is required before all registrations.

Assessment: Please call for an assessment at 604 267-9500 as well as creating your online account here > Create Your Account  

Clients are expected to email a weekly diary for update on progress.