Training Videos

Great video on muzzle training for your dog. 

"Teaching your dog to wear a muzzle is a vital part of their training. They are useful for stress-free vet visits and are an excellent aid for dogs that are fearful of other dogs. With lots of treats and a bit of patience, you can teach your dog to wear one in a short time."  


Teaching your dog how to love the Gentle Leader head collar ...

Great video by Jean Donaldson demonstrating how to use desensitization and targeting when teaching your dog how to love wearing a Gentle Leader head collar.

Loose Leash Walking by Helix Fairweather
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Note: return to previous step if your dog has difficulty, becomes frustrated or confused.

Gradually, by reinforcing each step and rewarding each success step by step, your dog will be leash walking politely in no time. 

How to teach "leave it" without intimidation using the clicker training method