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Anxious/Fearful Dog Program - August 20, 2019

by Alice Fisher CPDT-KA, posted on July 22, 2019

Note: This course requires a complementary assessment before class registration. Please call for an appointment 604 267 9500

Is your dog nervous or fearful around strangers, new places, objects? This six week program is designed to help your dog become more confident around people and things that are stressful to h/her while teaching you how to read your dog's body language. It will help your dog be more relaxed in different types of environments. The dogs are worked separately for the first 3 weeks.

Each course is 6 weeks long. Each course is comprised of 6 one hour classes at the same day and time that you have selected unless otherwise noted. Clients are expected to email diary weekly for update on progress.

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Important Note: One week notice prior to the date of the first class is required for cancellations or refunds. We are unable to provide refunds one the classes have started. Due to the specialized nature of the Shy Dog Class we are unable to provide a "make-up" class for any classes that you miss. Dates and times of classes are subject to change. Visit our website or call us for more information and check availability. Please equip your dog with a flat buckle collar, front clip harness or head halter. No pinch, choke, martingale, or shock collars are permitted. Retractable leashes are not permitted.