What's New > K9 Nose Work (3 levels) July 5th, 2020

K9 Nose Work (3 levels) July 5th, 2020

by Alice Fisher CPDT-KA, posted on July 2, 2020

Taught by Donna Toews CPDT-KA CNWI, a certified K9 Nose Work® instructor.  Donna is certified with National Association of Canine Scent Work LLB. She has participated in the activity since December 2009 and her team is the first from Canada to earn a NW3 Elite title.

This is fun activity that teams a dog and handler to search for odours. All dogs search individually and succeed in the game.  No aversive training of any form. 

Foundations is the first series of classes to attend and the pre-requisite of all K9 Nose Work Classes. 

To Register: K9 Nose Work 

 Maximum 5 teams- one handler one dog per team

Cost is $174.00 plus tax.

Please see individual notes on classes registration for specific dates.