What's New > Shy Dog January 5, 2015 & Shy Dog Agility January 7, 2015

Shy Dog January 5, 2015 & Shy Dog Agility January 7, 2015

by Alice Fisher, posted on November 25, 2014
Do you have a shy dog? We offer shy dog program to help your dog overcome his or her fears and become a more outgoing confident dog.
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Is you dog nervous or fearful around strangers, new places or things?  Our Shy Dog programs are designed to help your dog become more confident around the things that stress him.  Classes deal with reading your dogs' body language. We will be teaching new skills to the owner to help the dog become more relaxed in different environments.  The dogs are worked separately for the first 2 weeks. This is not a class for aggessive dogs.
Shy Dog Intro to Agility January 7, 2015

Shy Dog Intro to Agility  helps those nervous dogs become more confident around different pieces of agility equipment. Owners and dogs learn the skills to complete  jumps, tunnels, turns, the A-Frame and Dogwalk.  Desensitization and positive reinforcement of play behaviours are emphasized. 

Prerequisite: Your dog must have successfully completed a Shy Dog program in order to register and attend this course or by approval of the Administration.