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Positive Training Books and CDs

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  • Bitter Apple by Grannicks
    The Original Taste Deterrent for Pets.
  • Busy Buddy
    Treat Dispensing Toys
  • KONG Products.
  • The Gentle Leader Headcollar
    Not a muzzle - Stops pulling - Does not choke.
  • NaturzAire
    Using nature to solve man-made environmental problems. 100% Natural Odor and Moisture Absorbing Products
  • Pookt: Pet Waste Solutions.  At DOGSmart we are concerned about our environment and with the volume of dog waste that happens at our training centre, daily, we have embraced Pookt. Pookt is an environmental pet waste collection service that accepts dog and cat waste. You just put the waste in plastic bags in the bucket and Pookt will pick it up for you and upcycle it. It’s a great solution to a growing problem for our landfills. 

Food Products

  • 3PNatural: Natural raw pet food for both dogs and cats. Please note:  Available through special order only.  Please email us  or call 604 267-9500 to get on our order list.
  • irRAWsistible Pet Foods
    At irRAWsistible, our balanced meals for dogs contain 75% hormone free meats and 25% fruits, vegetables & supplements. All of our 2oz & 8oz patties go through an instant quick freeze process and are frozen in 10 minutes sealing in freshness.
  • K9 Natural Food Products
    K9 Natural 100% natural, raw dog-food range! K9 Natural prides itself on being a premium quality product containing: NO artifical ingredients, NO additives or preservatives, NO wheat, rice, grains, soy, cereals or gluten.
  • RED Dog blue kat:  Raw diet for dogs and cats. Please Note:  Available through special order only.  Please email us at  or call us at 604 267-9500 to get on our order list.   
  • Taste of the Wild
    Grain Free Diet.  Your dogs will LOVE it!
  • Trippett
    uses no preservatives, no additives, no filler or artificial ingredients.
  • Yappetizers
    Natural 1 ingredient treats for dogs. Carefully chosen treats, chews, hormone-free bones, frozen food

If you would like further information on any of the products that we carry, please  Contact Us.