"Our cocker spaniel has being going regularly to Dog Smart Day Care since he was about 4 -5 months, after an initial assessment and some early training in our home by Alice. He attends once a week for 5 hours, and gets the kind of play and exercise with other dogs that we couldn't provide him. He absolutely adores going, racing to get onto the car on his weekly trip to Dog Smart. Once we arrive, he almost breaks the leash to get back to his friends: dogs and staff!  It has proved a superb source of socializing for him with both small and larger dogs, and we are extremely happy with the consistently knowledgable care and training he has received.

In addition , I have taken a course  there with him to ensure that he comes when called. It was very well structured and organized, and we both benefitted from it.

I can't praise this company enough. We have a very happy  and well adjusted friendly dog, and feel his happiness and confidence have been greatly increased by Alice and her staff."



"Hi Alice ... I am just updating you on Scout He has been amazing the last few weeks He still has his little reactive episodes but usually pretty short and sweet. Yesterday we took him up Lynn Creek where their are many off leash dogs Scout (on leash) greeted every single dog we met. Even black dogs which he usually hates I was so proud of him I wanted to cry. Thank you so much for giving us the tools to work with him and give us an amazing dog. He plays with other dogs now and with us which he never did before I think he is a happy dog I know we are happy owner Thanks again ..."

Pam and Andrew

"Hi Alice!

Thank you so much for having these classes! I honestly don’t know where we would be without them. When we started Shy Dog, Rookie was becoming increasingly reactive to other dogs. He was starting to go from freezing and staring, to lunging and growling. He had created a bubble of at least 20 feet that could not be breached by other dogs, and his constant scanning for the possibility of dogs … made walks nearly miserable. After dog class our walks have become mostly stress free! He hardly ever scans anymore, and the directive “Look at the Puppy” has made the appearance of other dogs in his orbit a fun game that results in treats. His bubble of interaction now can be as little as 5-8 feet, especially in the daytime. He has refocused on us during the walk, and we hardly have issues with pulling or lunging. Rookie is still reactive (although in smaller amounts) to reactive dogs, and at night he gets a little more tense. Still, his ability to be around other dogs in the classroom setting is enormously uplifting, and we look forward to the day he can once again have a couple puppy friends … As to feedback on the course itself, it’s hard to find things to fault … The classes are hard, and sometimes it feels overwhelming, but the differences in our experience with our dog is so extreme, that we know it works! We love coming to DogSmart, and recommend it to everyone with a dog we see. Thanks again for your passion and dedication - we can’t wait to see how far Rookie can go!"
Jessi & Steve                                                                                                                                                                     

"Alice, Rita and their talented team of trainers! From getting your puppy off to a good start, taking fun classes,  to dealing with extreme dog/people reactivity.   I can't begin to describe the value you get when you attend their classes.  They  enrich your relationship with your pooch and teach you about the latest science on canine cognition.  Their eagle eyes and years of experience also ensure they tweak your handling and communication skills to ensure you achieve results.  Clear communication through positive associations achieved without any grumpy stuff.  They're my heroes."

Katherine Mutzke Clever K9 Sports 

"For 13 years, Dogsmart has been our training partner. From puppy days to the current day, they've always been there for us, with commitment, caring, compassion. Each of our 4 dogs has been different and special and Dogsmart has met every need – from puppy class, to reactive dog class, to private visits to integrate a new puppy with a dog aggressive dog, celebrating our success in the agility ring and sharing our sorrow on the loss of our first two dogs.  We couldn't do it without them."

Laurel Brunke


"DogSmart Training has provided us with a positive and encouraging way to enhance our whole family's relationship with our dog, Chester. I highly recommend it."

Janice Margolis

"My moral and professional obligation to my clients and patients has been to always recommend the highest level of care. Dogs give us unconditional love and loyalty, and bring us pleasure and happiness. It is to our benefit to maintain them in good health. For breed selection counselling, preventative behaviour counselling, for new pet owners, puppy training classes and correction of serious behaviour problems, I rely on Alices' expertise."

Dr. Brigitte Sonnendrucker, DVM

"For the most effective results....leaders in their field."

Dr. Ian Dunbar, Ph.D., MRCVS