Masumi Yoshinaga CPDT-KA, CPCFT

Masumi had been a client of DOGSmart Training for ten years before she starting assisting Alice in training classes. After assisting for three years she is now training Puppy SmartStart, Beginner Life Skill, Low Stress Handling® and Canine Fitness classes. Masumi is continually updating her education. She has taken and passed the Karen Pryor Clicker Foundations Course. She has enrolled in Roger Abrantes School of Dog Behaviour.

Educational Background

Masumi has recently received her Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer: CPCFTs analyze structure, movement, and measurements and set specific, individual goals. CPCFTs focus on functional wellness, and discuss both short and long term goals with clients to ensure the recommended conditioning exercises reflect the priorities of the owner and the abilities of the dog

Masumi is enrolled in and has passed the following theory courses from the Dr. Roger Abrantes Ethology Institute Cambridge Animal Behaviour and Learning:

  • Evolution Course
  • Canine Behaviour Course
  • Animal Welfare Course
  • Canine Home Alone Problem Course
  • EFR for Animal Course
  • Canine Problem Behaviour Course
  • Anatomy and Physiology Course
  • Pedagogy Course
  • Animal Learning Course

Other Education:

  • Sally J Foote DVM: Puppy Behaviour Consultant Certification, 2020
  • Suzanne Clothier: Socialization MAP (Mindful and planned), 2020
  • Low Stress Handling® Certified Silver, 2018
  • Clicker Expo Portland, 2017
  • Barb Levenson: Teaching A Great Dumbbell Retrieve -From
    Spoons to a Retrieve, 2015
  • Kathy Sdao: Seductiveness of Shock, 2014
  • Karen Pryor Academy: Dog Trainer Foundation Course, 2013
  • Kathy Sdao: Get SMART About Training, 2012
  • DOGSmart Training Apprenticeship Program 2012-2014
  • PIJAC CANADA: Certified Companion Animal Specialist -Canine,
  • DOGSmart Training: RallyObedience, 2008
  • Patricia McConnell: Dog-Dog Aggression-Treating Aggression
    Between Unfamiliar Dogs, 2007
  • DOGSmart Training: Basic & Intermediate Course 2006,2007
  • DOGSmart Training: Reactive Dog 2005


  • WALKS”N”WAGS: Pet First AID 2008 
  • Member of The Pet Professional Guide: The Association for Force- Free Pet Industry Professional (Membership Number 11490919)
  • Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer Certificate 2023