Intro To Canine Fitness

Instructor Masumi Yoshinaga CPDT-KA, CPCFT

Puppies and adolescent dogs are so much fun to work with! They have a lot of energy and many owners are looking for a fun but safe way to exercise them. Intro to Canine Fitness can be the answer for you!

Are you interested in dog in sports such as agility and Dock Diving? Conditioning is the key to perform well and reduce the risk of injury.

Do you have a senior dog? Are you giving up your active life with your senior dog because you have heard someone say "Oh he is just old, let him just be a couch potato". We love working with senior dogs because they respond quickly to exercise both mentally and physically. Can you imagine how happy they are when they realize they can have fun with you once again.

Do you have a shy or reactive dog? Do you feel you have a limited option to provide an activity for your dog? You are not alone. You can provide great mental and physical activities either at home or attending classes specifically built for shy / reactive dogs and your dog appreciates you so much.

Whether you are starting with a puppy, keeping fit with an adult dog or trying to help your senior dog become more active, Intro to Canine Fitness will provide great opportunities.

Foot targeting, side stepping, backing up, weight shifting - these are all fundamental skills which can be layered into more complex conditioning exercises.

Development of your relationship with your dog is also crucial. Your dog's attitude toward working with you will be improved, resulting in your dog being happy, engaged and confident when you are working with them.

Our Canine Fitness Course is designed to target the followings;

  • Improve Muscle Strength
  • Build Confidence 
  • Proprioception (Body Awareness)
  • Improve Mobility
  • Improve Flexibility 
  • Improve Balance
  • Relationship bonding and Trust

"Control your emotion and behaviours. Do it correctly, then we will produce the change in others, not against their will, not by force, but because they want it." ~ Dr. Roger Abrantes, (PhD in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology).

Please Note: Female dogs in heat season (estrus) are not permitted to attend classes during the period that the female is in heat.